About Us

Wait, What Is HoorayMall?

Buckle up, hombre – HoorayMall is a price comparison website unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Sure, you’ve probably seen lots of cool stuff in your life. Concerts, magic tricks, maybe even Bigfoot. But nothing compares to HoorayMall. We are your one stop shop to ensure you’re getting the absolute best deal. We compare the giants to make sure you get the best prices – places like Amazon, eBay and many more. Don’t bother going anywhere else, unless you have plenty of time to waste!


Why Use HoorayMall

In addition to doing price comparison to make sure you’re always getting the best deal on products, HoorayMall makes a commitment to make your shopping experience easy, and actually fun. How is it fun? Well if saving plenty of money wasn’t enough, we feature regular blog content and specials on our site all the time. Not only do we help you find what you’re looking for in the moment, we can help you discover new items you may not even know exist. We’re like modern day explorers (you know, without the binoculars and compass…more like keyboard and mouse).


The Mission: Price Perfect

HoorayMall wants you to scream “HOORAY!” every time you make a purchase. A big, loud, happy scream that makes unicorns jump and rainbows appear. Why? Because we know how difficult it is to make sure you’re getting the best deals. Saving money is mission critical when it comes to online shopping. Our mission? Price Perfect products you’ll love. It’s simple, streamlined, efficient – and did we mention fun? It’s more fun than trying to find Bigfoot, we guarantee that!


The Dream Team at HoorayMall

The team at HoorayMall is made up of thrifty, price conscious and tech loving employees who want to ensure your experience on the site is nothing less than a perfect ten. No more “shopping and hoping.” Only shopping and high-fiving…because you got an amazing deal. From our CEO to our coding team, and everyone inbetween – we are invested in your purchase. No need to go directly to those giant sites and clicking “buy,” start with HoorayMall and know that every product, price and item has been vetted to be perfect by our team.


19 Categories + Growing

From Baby gear to living room furniture, tech to home decor – and everything in between. HoorayMall features 19 categories of products and dozens more within those. Think of each category as an aisle in a supermarket. Except our aisles aren’t long and boring to walk through. Their packed with the best stuff at the best prices. Frankly, HoorayMall should be your homepage on your browser – so you get the best deals every time you log on. We’re constantly adding new items and expanding every week. We’re here for you and to make sure when you think HoorayMall – you shout HOORAY!
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